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A beginner’s guide to becoming a successful female stripper

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The first step is to actually visit the club or clubs that appeal to you. Don’t worry about the fact that you are a female. It is not unusual for these clubs to be visited by women although you might want to take a friend with you to give you moral support.

Look at the acts and pay particular attention to how they interact with the customers. You can learn a lot about what is required by this simple expedient.

Check out the feel of the club. The most important question is do you feel comfortable and safe there. Also ask yourself whether the club is well managed.

Don’t be afraid to ask the strippers what it is like at the club, how good the management is and what the earning potential is. Although some of the girls may not be helpful, the more experienced strippers will usually be more than happy to give you some guidance.

After your visit and having thought things over you feel that you would be happy to work there you now need to contact the management and arrange an interview.

You need to ask what the procedures for the interview are. You will almost certainly have to audition which frequently means a pole dance and a strip on stage. You need to be sure you are confident with your body. Although standards vary you are more likely to succeed if you have a well toned body so don’t be afraid to visit the gym.

Its important you know what you are going to have to wear. Usually it’s a evening dress, high heels and a thong. If you are not sure what is ideal then a visit to Ebay may be a good idea. Type in stripper and you will find a huge array of clothing at very reasonable prices.

The last thing you need to do is to arrange a routine for your audition. Hopefully you will be able to work out something that suits you but if you need any guidance the YouTube might be useful. If you search for female strippers or pole dancing and you will get a huge choice. Practice the routine at home in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable with it. Remember that you do not need to be a professional dancer just an ability to move in time to the music.

If you’ve followed all the tips above you will have passed your audition and be looking forward to your first day. Every first day in every job is a bit nerve wracking but you can overcome this to some degree by being well prepared.

Create a persona. Have a stage name and make up stories about yourself. Remember the whole experience for the customer is about fantasy so consider yourself an actress and keep your real self out of the clubs. When you talk to the customers you can be anyone or anything you like; it’s the fantasy you are selling.
All performing artists need to wear make up. Lighting varies greatly from harsh spotlights to semi darkness so be prepared to wear than normal. On stage it will not look excessive.

The last thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the real money in clubs is earned by dancing for a guy, or a group of guys at their table. So don’t hold back. You have already created your persona so use it and remember that rejection is about the fantasy and not about you. Trust me if you are confident then you will have the customers begging you to dance for them!.

It just remains for me to wish you a long and prosperous career. Following these steps should take away the need for luck!
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