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How much can a male stripper earn.

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How much can a male stripper earn?

Male strippers, whilst now popular in the UK, are not anything like as well established as their male counterparts in the USA. If you’re a male stripper/strippergram in America then you can earn a small fortune, The Americans are great tippers and providing you strip in the right places you can  be guaranteed to make excellent money. In the UK the most common way to make money is as a strippergram.  With a good agent you can earn reasonable money this way

Unlike America, there are virtually no male table dancing clubs Although you can earn $10 to $20 a dance and good tips in the States. If you decide to work in a male table dancing club in England then apart from making very little you may have trouble finding one. It has been tried by various bars/strip clubs in England, including Stringfellows.  Peter Stringfellow gave it a 3 to 4 years but it never really took off.  There are only a couple of male table dancing clubs in England but it is not a place to go if you want to make any real money.

It is a sad fact that none of the top male strippers in the UK can make a serious living from the club scene. The demand is not there and British women, unlike their American cousins are not socially adjusted to accept the notion of tipping men to take off their clothes. Whatever the reasons are for this it does restrict the opportunity to make a living.

But do not despair just because you can’t earn a fortune does not mean you can earn a reasonable living without emigrating!  The main source of income for male strippers in the UK is the stripogram with all its variant spellings!  Strippergrams are usually booked for private venues to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, office leaving dos, hen nights etc.  The stripper turns up at the venue suitably attired in a costume of the customer’s choice and performs a routine which normally last between 12 and 15 minutes and is aimed at the person whose special evening it is.   Afterwards you will allow the client the opportunity to take photographs and you will be paid on the night in cash.

Male strippers can earn their biggest fees at Ladies Night Parties.  Despite the lack of tradition or appetite for Male strip clubs, the Hen night is a well tested night of fun for groups of women.  Sometime they have the excuse of the upcoming wedding of a friend but more often than not it’s just a fun night out.  And, what better than a good looking guy taking his clothes off to liven up the party!  As with a stripagram you will be paid on the night and you may even be asked to do more than one routine.

Most strippers need to have an agency through which they get work.  It is quite difficult to get work without one as you will not be able to get sufficient work.  Make certain that you take care in your choice of agency.  Check them out on line and find out what they pay and what they take as commission.  At Male Strippergram Birmingham you should not expect to earn less than £70.00 to £100.00.

All we ask you to do is be realistic.  Successful full time male strippers can earn up to £1,000 per week but you may wish to do this just to provide a bit of extra income so you will obviously earn far less.  Also allow yourself time to become established.  You will be extremely lucky to become an overnight success!  You will never be a millionaire through stripping but you can make a very good living.


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